Campaign Workhub saves time and reduces errors with features optimized for email campaigns.

Annotate desktop and mobile versions together.

Simply by toggling the mode you can view comments and make annotations to desktop and mobile versions with helpful icons denoting the version the annotation was made on.

Review live responsive email with or without images.

Campaign Workhub is the only collaborative proofing solution that allows you to review a live copy of an email in desktop and mobile views so that you can check links and review alt text for images.

Compare views and versions with the Side-by-Side feature.

See the mobile and desktop versions next to each other, view altenative versions of designs or compare a current design with a previous version - all using the Side-by-Side feature.

With Group Proofs review alternate designs or related assets together.

Group proof allows you to compare competing designs, work on related campaigns or review components of a proof at the same time.

Upload new versions by email and verify proofs in your email client with Send-as-Email.

Collaboratively proof campaigns hosted on your Email Service Provider (ESP) by sending a test copy to Campaign Workhub. Stakeholders will be notified that a new version has been uploaded. Send-as-Email allows you to send proofs so you can view them in your preferred email clients.