Faster Email Campaign QA and Approvals

Spend less time on reviews and more time generating revenue.

Why Use Campaign Workhub?

Campaign Workhub works with any ESP and meets the proofing needs
of modern multi-segment, multi-variant email campaigns.

A Single Place to Review, QA and Approve Your Email Campaigns

Take your email approval process out of the inbox and ensure that the right emails are being approved at the right time. Send email versions to Campaign Workhub and all versions of an email are laid out intuitively for review.

QA and Annotate Live HTML Emails With Stakeholders

With native email support, Campaign Workhub has you covered whether you’re reviewing a visual mockup or performing QA on a coded email. Start your review by uploading an image, a zip file with html and images or send a test directly from your ESP.

Version Control and Improved Collaboration Speed Up Email Approvals

Version by version, reviewers can see and reply to each other’s comments so that everyone is on the same page. Questions get resolved more quickly, duplication and miscommunication are avoided, and campaigns have less rework and fewer revisions.

Dynamic Content Review: Campaign Workhub’s Superpower

Stop clogging your stakeholders’ inboxes with email variations to verify if dynamic content is populating correctly. Instead, send the email versions to Campaign Workhub and share a single link for review.

Automatic Proof Labelling (APL) makes it easy to refresh your proofs each time you make a change.

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Works with ANY email service provider

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