Frequently Asked Questions

Campaign Workhub is a collaborative review, annotation and approval solution for email campaigns. You send a proof to Campaign Workhub from your email provider and stakeholders can review the latest versions of your email in one place eliminating the tedious back and forth over email.
Campaign Workhub aims to provide the best experience for email campaign review and approvals.

Hence, it does not support the creation or sending of email campaigns.
No. Campaign Workhub is focused on helping stakeholders review campaigns collaboratively to ensure design and content is correct before you send.

Litmus and Email on Acid focuses on ensuring your email renders correctly on a multitude of email clients.
Yes. To review and collaborate on an email proof within Campaign Workhub, just send tests using your email provider's "send a test" feature to a Campaign Workhub-specific email address.
Campaign Workhub allows you to send proofs directly from your email service provider and hosts the live HTML email for review. With other proofing software you can review screenshots but reviewers will have to view the live email elsewhere (ie. using the View on Web link)
Many email campaigns contain blocks of content that vary depending on who the recipient is - ie. lifecycle, demographic, location or language. As a result there can be many different variances of a single email. Campaign Workhub presents all the variants on a single overview page for quick and easy review.
Yes! Stakeholders can view both mobile and desktop screenshots of your email on a mobile device.
Archived proofs are proofs that are no longer being worked on. Archived proofs are not accessible through shared links. Archived proofs can be unarchived as needed and do not count against your quota.

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