Simplify Your Email Campaign Review and Approvals

Get clarity without the maze of emails with Campaign Workhub.

Why Use Campaign Workhub?

Peace of mind. With Campaign Workhub
you and your stakeholders are always on the same page.

Review live HTML emails with stakeholders

Review desktop and mobile versions, check links and review image alt text.

Annotate desktop and mobile versions on one page

See all comments and annotations on a single timeline with helpful task completion indicators. Version identifiers ensure there's no ambiguity which version a comment is referring to.

With Group Proofs review alternate designs or related assets together

Group proof allows you to compare competing designs, or review dynamic content options on one page.

Upload new versions by email.

Want to review personalized email content? Email copies of your email from your ESP to Campaign Workhub to kick off your review.

Receive Campaign Workhub updates by email.