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5 Proven Strategies to Save Time and Money on Email Marketing Approvals

How much time do you waste managing email marketing reviews and approvals? Is the process confusing and stressful? Do you get frustrated by the number of back-and-forth messages and double work that it takes just to get all stakeholders to approve one message? If you’re like most marketers, you answered yes to at least one of those questions. That’s because the email review and approval process is hindered with problems.

How to Fix Your Email Marketing Approval Process

The amount of time and money wasted on flawed email marketing approval processes is one of the biggest problems facing marketing teams today, and the problem keeps getting bigger. With the increased use of advanced segmentation, personalization, and dynamic content, there are more variables to test, offers to review, and elements to approve than ever. A single typo or dynamic content error could cost a company thousands or millions of dollars, not to mention damaging the brand.

To help marketers fix the broken email marketing QA process, I wrote an ebook that I’m giving away for free, 5 Proven Strategies to Save Time, Money and Frustration in Your Email Marketing Approval Process. You can follow the preceding link to download it now.

Better Email Review Process Ebook

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This free ebook provides easy-to-follow recommendations to solve the email approval problem strategically with what I refer to as the 5 Cs of Email Marketing Review and Approval Success:

  1. Consistency
  2. Collaboration
  3. Communications
  4. Centralization
  5. Coordination

If you work to improve the 5 Cs in your organization – whether you’re a brand or an agency – you’ll see a significant difference in how much time you and all of your stakeholders spend on email reviews and approvals as well as how much frustration each person experiences along the way.

Ultimately, a streamlined and highly-efficient email marketing review and approval process benefits your company by ensuring messages are sent on time and with fewer mistakes, employees are more productive, your email marketing goals are met, you stay within budget, legal problems are avoided, and your executives or clients are happy.

Download Your Free Ebook to Improve Your Email Marketing Now

You can download the free ebook here to learn how to fix your email review and approval process and learn about the best solution to fix the problem for good. You’ll get 16 pages filled with essential information that you don’t want to miss!

Better Email Review Process Ebook

⇨ Click Here to Download the FREE Ebook Now!